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What is Outbound Delay Cover?

What happens if you're in a lounge and your flight is delayed? Well, typically you'd be asked to leave once your booked time is up.

This is where our Outbound Delay Cover comes in.

If you end up having to pay for extra time we'll refund it for you – so you can stay in the lounge until your plane is ready to go.


How does it work?

If your time in the lounge runs out and your flight is delayed, you'll need to extend your visit and pay for the extra time there and then.

Make sure you get a receipt and keep it safe. Once you're home, send us a copy of it along with your flight documents and we'll refund you the cost of your extended stay in the lounge.

Or, if there's no room in the lounge, we'll pay you how much it would've cost for an extended stay.

Make sure you read through our terms and conditions for full details.